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Which is the best month to buy a used motorhome?

Finding the perfect motorhome that’s right for you is an exciting time. There may be a number of factors that sway your decision, such as number of passengers, your budget, and the amenities onboard. What’s more, timing can play a crucial role in securing a great deal. While the search for your ideal motorhome can take place throughout the year, certain months offer distinct advantages if you are a prospective buyer. In this guide, we’ll explore why timing matters and delve into why some months stand out as the best time to make a purchase!


The prime time to buy a used motorhome is considered to be between late September and early spring – at this time, you’re most likely to find the best and most extensive range from which to choose. Of course, we’re currently in the middle of this period, so there’s really no better time to buy than now! The benefit of buying now is due to a number of factors…

Post-summer considerations

After the summer, many motorhome owners find themselves contemplating a sale. The end of the prime holiday season often prompts a re-evaluation of ownership, considering factors such as storage costs, winter maintenance, decline in frequency of use, and future travel plans as temperatures begin to plummet. This increased motivation can translate into more negotiable prices and a greater willingness on the part of sellers to close deals promptly during what is considered the ‘off season.’

Avoiding winter maintenance

Cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions can make it challenging to perform necessary maintenance tasks, and storing a motorhome during the winter months can pose additional challenges. To sidestep these concerns, sellers may be more inclined to part with their motorhomes before the onset of winter, presenting an opportune time for buyers.

Post-show inspiration

Attending motorhome shows in the autumn can provide potential buyers with valuable insights and inspiration. These shows, often held in the Autumn, with the main one being the Motorhome and Caravan Show held at the NEC in Birmingham in October (with a smaller scale show held in February) showcase the latest models, innovations, and features in the motorhome industry. By attending these events, buyers can gain a clearer understanding of their preferences, must-have features, and the overall condition of a prospective vehicle. Armed with this knowledge, buyers can make more informed decisions when browsing the used motorhome market, increasing the likelihood of swapping their current motorhome.

Seasonal price fluctuations

You may also be wondering what time of year is cheapest to buy a motorhome? Beyond individual seller motivations, the seasonal nature of the motorhome market can also impact prices. During autumn and winter, demand may decrease, creating a buyer’s market. Sellers may be more inclined to accept a lower price for a quick sale, offering buyers a better chance to secure a cost-effective deal on their desired model.

The verdict?

So, which is the best month to buy a used motorhome?Based on these facts, the best time to purchase a used motorhome often aligns with the transition from summer to autumn/winter. Owners looking to part ways with their motorhomes after the summer season, combined with the desire to avoid winter maintenance and storage costs, create a favourable environment for buyers.


Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time buyer, timing your purchase strategically can enhance the overall buying experience and set the stage for countless adventures on the open road.

Prices: Looking ahead…

Will motorhome prices drop in 2024?


Whilst no one can predict with absolute certainty what will happen to the motorhome market next year, some current trends may offer up some suggestions about the future. Over the past 6 months or so, new motorhomes have witnessed an increase in price across the board, as a result of rising manufacturing costs. There has, however, been a slight softening in used motorhome prices, in response to the rise in the price of new vehicles. You can thus hope to get your hands on a great deal here with us later this month/into the new year.


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