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Motorhome bed layouts example

Motorhome Bed Layouts – Find The Perfect Sleeping Accommodation


  1. Motorhomes with Convertible Beds
  2. Motorhomes with Drop Down Beds
  3. Motorhomes with Fixed Island Beds
  4. Motorhomes with French Beds
  5. Discover your Perfect Bed Layout with us

In this edition of our blog we’ll look at the various possible sleeping arrangements and motorhome bed layouts in the pre-owned motorhomes available from us at rove!

Waking up, opening your eyes, having a stretch. Greeting the new day, and all of its opportunities… Yes, there’s nothing quite like getting a good night’s sleep, then waking up in the morning and rising from bed refreshed and ready to ‘reset’ yourself.

Some people prefer to delay getting out of bed for as long as possible, snoozing the alarm time and again, or lay there asking for “just five more minutes” before their day begins. Other people love to wake up, leap out of bed as soon as they open their eyes, open their curtains and say “today is gonna be great!” (or something else equally positive and motivational). Whatever your approach to waking up and getting out of bed, the simple fact is that you have to do it, every day – and it’s much better to have done so after a night of comfortable sleep.

So how does that need for comfort stack up against the different types of motorhome layouts that are available? Do all motorhomes provide sleeping arrangements which ensure you’ll get a decent spread of Zzzzzs? Or are most of them a case of ‘make do and mend’ – where you have to deal with some sort of awkward and sub-standard camper bed contraption? Let’s go through the various types of motorhome bed layouts available.

Motorhomes with Convertible Beds

This is probably the most featured type of bed in motorhomes, as it maximises the available space by using it for two different things. The living area seating converts to a bed – and then back again – as and when required. Most commonly, there will be two benches, opposite each other in the living area, which convert to become two single beds or a double bed. In motorhomes with single bends or double beds alike, manufacturers pay a great deal of attention to making sure that owners feel comfort in all aspects of their space. So the convertible bed arrangement is comfortable either way – as seating or when converted into a bed (or beds).

Motorhomes with Drop Down Beds

This type of bed is hugely convenient as it doesn’t affect the design of the motorhome’s layout too much. A drop down bed is basically ‘a bed in the ceiling’ which lowers into the living space via electronic means, ready for you to get your night’s sleep. If there are only two of you travelling, this can be a hugely appealing feature to use for the duration of your trip, as you won’t have to ‘make up’ and then disassemble your bed. It will already ‘be there, made up and waiting for the moment you need it. Drop down beds are usually accessible via a small built-in ladder.

Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

It is possible that everybody’s fondness for bunk beds is a throwback to childhood, when everyone had them in their room, or wanted them. In motorhomes with bunk beds they tend to be transverse at the rear of the vehicle, though in some cases they may be down one side. Having bunk beds in a motorhome is a clever use of space by the designer, as they shift some of the necessary living space into the vertical axis rather than using up even more floor space. Motorhomes with bunk beds are also a great choice for keeping the kids happy!

Motorhomes with Fixed Island Beds

Towards the rear of some of our motorhomes is a permanent bed which points into or across the layout – this is what is known as a fixed island bed. This bed will often be in a ‘bedroom area’ of its own, giving a semi-private space and real home-from-home vibe. A fixed island bed motorhome gives you access to the bed from either side, meaning the two people sleeping in it each have an easy point of access or exit! In other words, with used motorhomes with island beds there’s no need to climb all over someone else just to get to the loo in the middle of the night.

Motorhomes with French Beds

This is a fixed double which runs lengthways against one side wall of the motorhome, with access in one bottom corner. French beds are conveniently tucked away without feeling squashed in or like there is a big compromise on space, and they often have a wardrobe or washroom adjacent.

Discover your Perfect Bed Layout with us

Here at rove! we offer the most prestigious pre-owned brands around. With top quality used motorhomes available, there are plenty of opportunities for buyers to find exactly the right sleeping set-up to satisfy their requirements. Our stock changes regularly, so check out all the currently available brands and models by browsing our website. You’ll be spending your days out on the road in no time – and then, at night, enjoying some comfortable sleep in a motorhome with the perfect bed configuration!